Atheism requires a lot of faith

john-macarthurAs Christians we accept one foundational truth – God – and everything else makes sense. An atheist denies God and has to accept incredible explanations for everything else. It takes more faith to deny God than to believe in Him.

–John MacArthur
The Ultimate Priority

6 thoughts on “Atheism requires a lot of faith

  1. This is incorrect. We atheists, by definition, will only accept credible explanations. That is, explanations with strong evidence. We reject explanations that are not credible and which have no evidence to support them.


  2. Atheists and everyone else practise faith every day. Faith is a fundamental part of human life.

    In day to day life, nobody has absolute proof that:

    his food isn’t poisoned
    he won’t die in a car crash on the way to work
    his friends aren’t involved in a conspiracy to harm him
    the vitamins he takes aren’t contaminated
    the sun won’t blow up today
    his brain is working correctly
    the chair you are sitting on is not about to collapse.

    Everybody exercises faith. It’s what makes life possible. Nobody lives solely on the basis of hard proven evidence. There are a vast number of things we just can’t prove. Nobody can live that way. You’d never get out of bed!

    We can’t prove God exists, and we can’t prove he doesn’t. All of us chose to believe one way or another.

    Welcome to the life of faith.


  3. Which God are you talking about? You are disregarding hundreds of possible Gods in the process of your belief, surely that requires a lot of faith too? The ignorance is choosing to believe in the God that your society chooses over others.


    • You are missing the point. This about the logic of what happens when you have a Supreme Being or not.

      It is conceivable that an all powerful being could create a universe.

      Supreme Being + Creative activity = Universe.

      On the other hand, for nothing, with nobody acting upon it, to produce something is an absurdity.

      Nothing + Nothing = Universe ??

      Belief in God is not without its difficulties. However belief in no God it not only difficult—it is ridiculously difficult. Now you have a universe popping out of nowhere. You come up against a logical impossibility.

      If you discard the existence a a Supreme Being, try as you may, you run into this unsurmountable problem.

      It’s logically possible to believe in God.
      To believe in no God is an absurdity of the highest degree.


      • I really don’t understand the logic that a universe ‘popping out of nowhere’ is absurd but it’s conceivable that a supreme being can do just that. How can it be okay for a god to pop out of nowhere? If you really want to make it easy on yourself, you will say ‘god was just always there’, however this does not answer anything.
        I don’t think many scientists would argue that there was nothing before the big bang, it’s just not known yet what that was.


  4. Okay, our argument comes down to two possible positions. In the beginning God… or in the beginning matter…

    I don’t think most scientists would agree that matter is eternal, but for the sake of argument, let’s set that aside.

    Either God created life, or some accidental collision of atoms produced it. Which makes more sense?

    That an all powerful Creator should have the wisdom and capability to do so is entirely plausible.

    How plausible is the other position?

    Evolutionist Harold Morowitz estimated the probability for chance formation of even the simplest form of living organism at 1/10 to the power of 340,000,000. By comparison only 10 to the power of 20 grains of sand could fit within a cubic mile and 10 billion times more (10 to the power of 30) would fit inside the entire earth.

    So, the probability of forming a simple cell by chance processes is infinitely less likely than having a blind person select one specifically marked grain of sand out of an entire earth filled with sand—and to do it on his first attempt.

    How much money would you bet on that one?

    We are talking about a number so astronomically inmense that we would have to say the probability is ONE HUGE FAT ZERO.

    Yet you are willing to believe it happened!

    Good luck, my friend.


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