Why Doesn’t God Show Himself?

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An atheist once said to me, “Why doesn’t your God come
and physically show Himself to us?”

I replied, ”He did and they nailed him on a cross.”

—Ken Ham


Science and Spirituality

science & God

Spirituality allows not for replication and measurement, but for the discovering of meaning in the face of the absurdity of life. For, life is indeed absurd: Science might ultimately answer the question of how, however its ability to answer the question of why remains very much in doubt. By definition, God the creator is outside of creation and is not subject to the methods of scientific verification that evolved within His creation. A logical conclusion (using the perspective of modern science) is that God must not exist. To the spiritual believer, this lack of objective verification is unimportant since the creator would stand outside of His creation and thus could not be measured from those within.

–Howard E. Doweiko,
Concepts of Chemical Dependency