The Rage Against God

Peter HitchensI thought this gesture [burning the Bible] was a way of showing that I had finally rejected all the things that I had been brought up to believe, and I went on to behave for the next 20 years of my life exactly as if I didn’t believe in him [God], and that’s how I discovered in the end that what I had rejected was right.

The current intellectual assault on God in Europe and North America is, in fact, a specific attack on Christianity – the faith that stubbornly persists in the morality, laws, and government of the major Western countries. . . .The God they fight is the Christian God. . . .God is the leftists’ chief rival. Christian belief, by subjecting all men to divine authority and by asserting in the words ‘My kingdom is not of this world’ that the ideal society does not exist in this life, is the most coherent and potent obstacle to secular utopianism. . . . the Bible angers and frustrates those who believe that the pursuit of a perfect society justifies the quest for absolute power.

…when it comes to the millions of small and tedious good deeds that are needed for a society to function with charity, honesty, and kindness, a shortage of believing Christians will lead to that society’s decay.

–Peter Hitchens,
The Rage Against God: How Atheism Led Me to Faith

Inconvenient Truth

college-studentCliff Knechtle writes of a conversation that he had with a university student who claimed that the Bible was packed with mythology, even though he admitted that he had never read it. Knechtle challenged him to read both the Book of Isaiah, which contains prophecies concerning Christ, and Matthew, which records the fulfillment of those predictions.

Knechtle thought that he’d never see him again, but the next day, he approached Knechtle and said, “I read Isaiah and Matthew. It was interesting literature. I think it speaks the truth.”

“That’s great!” said Knechtle. “Are you ready to trust Christ for eternal life?”

The student replied, “No way. I have a very active sex life. I know that Christ would want to change that. I don’t want anyone to change that.”

–Lee Strobel

The Remarkable Faith of Unbelievers

haddon_foto_perfil_400x400I have noticed that whenever a person gives up his belief in the Word of God because it requires that he should believe a good deal, his unbelief requires him to believe a great deal more. If there be any difficulties in the faith of Christ, they are not one-tenth as great as the absurdities in any system of unbelief which seeks to take its place.

–Charles Spurgeon

Internal Evidence

cartoon-farm-clipart-2A man of subtle reasoning ask’d
A peasant, if he knew
Where was the internal evidence
That proved the Bible true?
The terms of disputative art
Had never reach’d his ear ;
He laid his hand upon his heart,
And only answered, ” Here.”
    –Author Unknown


Whales, Wonders, and Miracles

1162407-bigthumbnail copy 2

It has often been pointed out that the story about Jonah and the whale is scientifically impossible. It would need a miracle to happen.

That may be so.

But, it’s not the only miracle. How about the miracle of being alive? C. S. Lewis put it like this: “The probability of us being here is so small, you’d think the mere fact of existing would keep us all in a contented dazzlement of surprise.” Every moment of existence is a fathomless mystery. It is miraculous gift.

Or how about the miracle of sex? The intimate, delightful, exhilarating union of a man and woman that brings about the creation of a brand new, unique, wriggling human being? How awesome is that?

Or the miracle of having eyes and ears to see and hear the beauty and wonder around us? The miracle of having toes and a tongue and fingers and knees and a nose? Or the miracle of walking on a planet where there are blackberries, waterfalls, sunsets, hummingbirds, rainbows, orcas, butterflies, and penguins?

Has your heart not beat faster at the sight of young beauty? Have you not stood with fascination to watch a deer leaping across a meadow, an eagle soaring, a rainbow after a summer storm, a sunset splashing glory across the sky?

We live in a world of stunning beauty; we are surrounded with wonders on every hand. If it has ceased to astonish you, chances are you are dead. There are miracles to be seen wherever we look.

The Jonah and the fish miracle?

Minor league kid’s stuff.

–J. O. Schulz

Who would have invented such a God?

Charles ColsonFor those who insist that God is created by man, perhaps the most telling argument is to consider the nature and character of the God revealed in the Bible. If we were making up our own god, would we create one with such absolute demands for justice, righteousness, service, and self-sacrifice as we find in the biblical texts? (As someone has said, Moses didn’t come down from the mountain with the Ten Suggestions!) Would Israel’s powerful elite have concocted such declarations as, “He defended the cause of the poor and needy…Is that not what it means to know me?” Would the pious New Testament religious establishment have created a God who condemned them for their own hypocrisy? Would even a zealous disciple have invented a Messiah who called His followers to sell all, give their possessions to the poor, and follow Him to their deaths? The skeptic who believes the Bible’s human authors manufactured their God out of psychological need has not read the Scriptures carefully.

— Charles Colson

Nobody smuggles fairy tales

Eric MetaxasEver heard of anyone executed for distributing copies of Grimm’s fairy tales? Imagine people trying to smuggle copies of Hans Christian Andersen’s works into China? The Bible, which has been called a mere collection of myths has suffered all of these fates: even today, copies of the Bible are banned and burned. There’s something about this ancient book that threatens and frightens those in power.

–Eric Metaxas