Not A Machine

2165849106_32cbbc7ee7_mOnly Christianity, with its teaching of a personal Creator, provides an adequate metaphysical explanation of our irreducible experience of personhood. It alone accounts for the raw material of experience within a comprehensive worldview. In the modern world, with its large, impersonal institutions where people are treated as ciphers in the machine, the Christian message is good news indeed. Ultimate reality is not the machine; it is a personal Being who loves and relates to each individual in a personal manner.

― Nancy Pearcey,
Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity

Preferring a math equation

trinidad-288x300The famous atheist and philosopher, , suggested that if we could penetrate to the centre of the universe we would find a mathematical equation.

Not exactly a heart-warming proposition.

The Bible paints a radically different picture of ultimate reality. What is found at the center of the universe is a celebration—the eternal dance of the Trinity. The God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit has been forever caught up in a symphony of joy, goodness, and love, that is beautiful beyond description. The matrix of creation is a Godfest of glory.

Why would anyone prefer a math equation?

–Jurgen O. Schulz