Anti-border Hypocrisy

no borders 3

Anti-border people take hypocrisy to new levels. They decry borders, but lock their cars, have security systems in their homes, insure their property, place their money in well-guarded banks, install anti-virus systems on their computers, and use passwords on their cellphones. They protect themselves with all kinds of borders. They block access to their accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. They make use of high-security passwords for their online banking. Some of them live in gated communities with armed security guards.

I thought you guys were opposed to walls?

One high-profile internet entrepreneur recently blasted President Trump’s to plan to build a Mexico border wall. However, this young billionaire has shown himself to be very much in favor of a wall when it comes to his oceanfront property in Hawaii.

Another Hollywood celebrity and open borders advocate is reportedly moving his family out of England due to safety concerns following numerous Islamic-inspired terrorist attacks. He will be taking his wife and two young children to Studio City, California where he has a mansion protected by (wouldn’t you know it!) a nice, big wall.

The hypocrisy is nauseating.