Logic Is A Tool, Not A Religion

gearsLogic may be viewed, perhaps, as a machine which is designed, at best, to be such that when we feed into it certain data and turn the logic crank, we inevitably get certain conclusions out the other end. Logic is designed to give inevitably true results starting from known true–or assumed-to-be-true–premises. Logic is a wonderful tool when we want only logical conclusions. We should not reject such a machine merely because it is not equipped to handle all of reality. The scientist who commits himself to use a logic machine is doing wisely, qua scientist, for use on data of science. But if he feeds into that machine convictions that there is no God, or ignores God because He is not in his corpus of data, and then draws from his logic the conclusion that God does not exist, his conclusion is irrelevant. Logic is a tool; it should not be made into a religion.

–Kenneth L. Pike,
With Heart and Mind

Does science invalidate faith?

[It is a] false alternative of ‘either science or God’. That’s like saying it’s either ‘Henry Ford or internal combustion, choose between the two. You can’t have both. You either explain the motor by the laws of internal combustion or you explain it in terms of Henry Ford’. That is very silly. That is to confuse two levels of explanation. Explanation in terms of mechanism (the motor and laws of internal combustion) or in terms of agency (that is, Henry Ford). Richard Dawkins says ‘it’s either science or God’. But of course you can have both. God is the agent who designed the whole universe which science attempts to describe!

–John Lennox