The Essential Difference

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The distinction between Christianity
and all other systems of religion consists
largely in this, that in these others,
men are found seeking after God, while
Christianity is God seeking after men.

–Thomas Arnold
English historian


The arrogant dogma of pluralism

Philip Graham Ryken(Philosophical pluralism) is the ideology that refuses to allow any single religion or worldview to claim an exclusive hold on the truth. It denies that there are any absolutes. It insists that all religions and worldviews must be seen as equally valid…To suggest otherwise is to be arrogant and intolerant. No religion can claim to be superior to any other. You may practice your faith as long as you realize it is only one of many true faiths. If what you believe is true at all, it is only relatively true…(But-) at the same time that philosophical pluralism denies other religions the right to lay claim to the truth, it presents its own worldview as the absolute truth… In the end philosophical pluralism’s dismissal of dogma turns out to be just another dogma.

–Philip Graham Ryken
Is Jesus the Only Way?