Eliminating “unnecessary” stuff

sawEvolution, when take to its logical conclusions, leaves no room for rationality, generosity, friendship, humanitarianism, meaning to life, God, or anything else that makes this life worth living.

According to mainstream biology textbooks, neo-Darwinism is a “random,” “blind,” “uncaring,” “heartless,” “undirected,” “purposeless,” and “chance,” process that acts “without plan” or “any goals,” and requires accepting “materialism” because we are “not created for any specific purpose or as part of any universal design,” where “a god of design and purpose is not necessary.”

-Casey Luskin

Why would anyone want to believe that?

Peter HitchensI am ceaselessly interested to know why anyone would – in the absence of definitive proof either way – actively prefer the idea that the universe is accidental and without purpose. Such a position seems to me to be far more intellectually difficult than mine.

–Peter Hitchens
(Brother of renowned anti-theist Christopher Hitchens)