No Purpose?


THERE are a number of us creep
Into this world to eat and sleep,
And know no reason why they’re born
But merely to consume the corn,
Devour the cattle, fowl and fish,
And leave behind an empty dish.

–Benjamin Franklin

Without God everything is meaningless

good-luck-your-gonna-need-crazy-road-signWe humans instinctively hunger for meaning and purpose. You can see it all around in the way people behave. We strive to infuse our lives with some sort of significance, some sort of meaning. But if our cosmos is ultimately indifferent and purposeless, all we are, all we do, all we believe in, all we strive for is “dust in the wind.” After we exist, it matters not whether anyone has ever, or ever will again exist. Everything is ultimately meaningless.

— Gregory Boyd,
Letters from a Skeptic