The Stubborn Reality of God

GodMan can certainly keep on lying (and he does so); but he cannot make truth falsehood. He can certainly rebel (he does so); but he can accomplish nothing which abolishes the choice of God. He can certainly flee from God (he does so) ; but he cannot escape Him. He can certainly hate God and be hateful to God (he does and is so) ; but he cannot change into its opposite the eternal love of God which triumphs even in His hate. He can certainly give himself to isolation (he does so — he thinks, wills and behaves godlessly, and is godless) ; but even in his isolation he must demonstrate that which he wishes to controvert — the impossibility of playing the “individual” over against God. He may let go of God, but God does not let go of him.

–Karl Barth

A God like none other

Brennan ManningThis is the God of the gospel of grace. A God, who out of love for us,
sent the only Son He ever had wrapped in our skin, He learned to walk,
stumbled and fell, cried for His milk, sweated blood in the night,
was lashed with a whip and showered with spit, was fixed to a cross
and died whispering forgiveness on us all.

–Brennan Manning,
Ragamuffin Gospel