When hands get stuck

vaseA little boy got his hand stuck in a vase. It was no ordinary vase. It was a family heirloom and was very valuable. But little boys do not understand such things and this boy’s hand was in it. Try as she could, his mother could not free the imprisoned hand. When the father came home the little fellow was still walking around with a vase on his hand. The father made an attempt to pry the jar loose, the neighbours came to help, but no one could get the hand out of the vase.

Finally they realized that the only thing left to do was to smash the precious heirloom. When they did, they noticed that the little fellow’s hand was clenched into a fist, and in the middle of his fist was a penny. He had spied the penny on the bottom of the vase, had taken hold of it, and would not let it go.

Many an unbeliever is similarly stuck in unbelief. He resists believing in God. However, the issue is not that the opening of faith is too small. The real problem lies elsewhere. The person is holding on to something. It may be the pleasures of sin, or the profits of illicit gain—but he doesn’t want to let it go.

This individual protests loudly against faith in God. He recommends breaking the vase of belief.

But it’s a smokescreen. It doesn’t address the real issue. Answers may help, but the root problem is not intellectual—it’s moral.

Ask him what he’s holding in his hand.

–Jurgen O. Schulz


darkSurprisingly, there are creatures which actually prefer darkness to light. Zoologists call them “noctivigants” and the tribe is more numerous than we commonly suppose. Moths and spiders, bats and owls, rats and mice are all noctivigants, and among larger animals, so are cats, panthers, leopards, tigers and other members of the feline family.

These creatures love darkness rather than light. Asleep by day they prowl abroad in the dark.

Biologically speaking, man is not a noctivigant. He does not prefer natural darkness to natural light. However because of a tragic inner twist that took place through an event called The Fall, humans have become moral and spiritual noctivigants.

Jesus himself gave us this powerful insight: “Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed” (John 3:19,20 NIV).

Ever wonder why some people fiercely attack faith in God and oppose belief in Christ, the Light of the world?

That’s what noctivigants do.

They hate the light and try to put it out.

–Jurgen O. Schulz

Preferring a math equation

trinidad-288x300The famous atheist and philosopher, , suggested that if we could penetrate to the centre of the universe we would find a mathematical equation.

Not exactly a heart-warming proposition.

The Bible paints a radically different picture of ultimate reality. What is found at the center of the universe is a celebration—the eternal dance of the Trinity. The God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit has been forever caught up in a symphony of joy, goodness, and love, that is beautiful beyond description. The matrix of creation is a Godfest of glory.

Why would anyone prefer a math equation?

–Jurgen O. Schulz

Why some people can’t find God

Jurgen Schulz'12 copyMany question and deny the existence of God. Having investigated and analyzed the subject by scientific means, they have come to the conclusion that such a Being does not in fact exist. He is only a figment of our imagination, a product of superstition.

Could it be that more than intellectual prowess is required to find God? Is it possible that moral factors like honesty and sincerity and humility are also involved? Perhaps there are heart issues that block Him from our sight, that could even make us want to avoid seeing Him.

Jesus had something to say about this. He pointed out that finding God is a matter of the heart. He said that inner clutter obscures God from view, and prevents us from discovering Him. Jesus told us that only certain people would find God—those who are willing to do some house cleaning. Here are His words: “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”

Many people have a “No Trespassing” sign nailed to their questionable lifestyle. Nobody is to interfere with the way they are running their lives.

And it is little wonder that God is nowhere to be found.

–Jurgen O. Schulz