The Egalitarian Is The Disease

3007The concept of equality is the kind of beast that is almost impossible to eliminate: like syphilis, acne and politicians. It cannot seem to be eradicated. You can read a 1000 articles in the most basic language of the fool’s errand that it is, from some of the most brilliant men, but any given day you will hear someone (usually in the government or its cousin, the media) bray about some equal right or rights or opportunities or whatever they can get attention for.

The idea that the creation has equal items at any level is preposterous. But “preposterous” is too close a synonym to “outrageous,” a word beaten to death, usually through misuse . . . Today’s commentators affix themselves like ticks to a feral hog to the concept of equality. Something, however, that does not exist — anywhere, ever . . .

Where in nature is there any species, whether, tree, or fowl or fish that have pairs with sameness. Even identical twins have marginal differences . . .

The French Revolution with its tripartite motto of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity was a blood-soaked revolution with the murder of thousands because Liberty and Fraternity were rotted into death by association with equality.

–Paul H. Yarbrough

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Equality is a Lie

friedrich-nietzsche-watercolor-portrait1-fabrizio-cassettaEquality is a lie concocted by inferior people who arrange themselves in herds to overpower those who are naturally superior to them. The morality of “equal rights” is herd morality, and because it opposes the cultivation of superior individuals, it leads to the corruption of the human species.
–Friedrich Nietzsche,
Atheistic philosopher