Remarkable Historical Credentials

jesus_300There exists no document from the ancient world witnessed by so excellent a set of textual and historical testimonies, and offering so superb an array of historical data on which the intelligent decision may be made. An honest [person] cannot dismiss a source of this kind. Skepticism regarding the historical credentials of Christianity is based upon an irrational bias.

–Dr. Clark Pinnock

The ethical bankruptcy of humanism

Clark pinnock copyAlthough the world cries out for justice, the basis for it has been disintegrating now that the vagaries of human will have come to replace faith in divine justice and eternal law. Although there is still a broad cultural consensus that it is right to be committed to the well-being of others, the rise of secular humanism makes it more and more difficult to support and explain any such obligation . . . All that the secular humanist has is his own present existence. Nothing has a rational claim to be of greater value for him. Therefore, no ethical claim which involves self-sacrifice, unless it promises due recompense, can win his assent.

The secular humanist who performs an act genuinely altruistic and self-sacrificing is presupposing the falsity of his humanistic beliefs. Loving our neighbour is not a rationally defensible ethic within the humanistic system. It is an ethic theologically grounded in the gospel and respected long after the erosion of faith because of its recognized rightness. It does not and did not grow out of humanistic soil. Logically speaking secular humanism is ethically bankrupt and its assumptions about reality when taken to their logical conclusions turn out to be inhuman and anti-human. The world’s deepest problems are moral and spiritual, not economic and technological.

–Clark Pinnock

The liberating myth

Clark pinnockThe reason evolution is believed and taught as fact is not due to the evidence for it, but rather due to the need for it. Any “natural miracle” (that inert matter is creative) is preferable to a humanist over a “supernatural miracle” (that God is the Creator). The state schools do everything they can to promote the myth because it is essential to the religion of humanity.

Man cannot be autonomous if there exists a transcendent God with a divine law. Such a God must die. Evolution is accepted because it shuts Him out, and leaves man free. But what an awful freedom! The freedom to know nothing, to be nothing, to believe nothing. The words of Paul have never been more fitting in the history of the world than now: “Professing themselves to be wise, they become fools” (Rom. 1:22).

–Clark Pinnock
Set Forth Your Case