The Winsome Beauty of Jesus

Christ 1D copy 2Why is the life of Jesus universally considered beautiful? Because of his mercy, his welcoming demeanor, his tenderness toward the weak, his generous forgiveness of sinners. Everyone (except the self-righteous Pharisees) recognized the winsome beauty of Jesus. Today everyone likes Jesus. Everyone! Even atheists like Jesus. I can’t think of a single serious person who is a critic of Jesus. Friedrich Nietzsche, God bless him, tried to be a critic of Jesus, but he couldn’t keep it up and seems to have actually been a grudging admirer.

–Brian Zahnd,
The Charm of Beauty In an Ugly Age

Where is the Nietzsche Hospital?

Brian ZahndAfter all it was the followers of Jesus who pioneered such radical innovations as hospitals, orphanages, leprosariums, almhouses, relief for the poor, and public education. The idea that the world somehow or other would have arrived at an ethical worldview that could produce such charitable practices and institutions without Christ is an idea wholly lacking in any evidence. As I point out to secular critics, I know of many St. Jude and St. James hospitals, orphanages, relief agencies, and the like, but I’m still looking for the Nietzsche hospital or the Voltaire children’s home.

–Brian Zahnd,
Farewell to Mars