Einstein’s Warning

huge-102-513317The true problem lies in the hearts and thoughts of men. It is not a physical problem, but an ethical one . . . What terrifies us is not the explosive force of the atomic bomb, but the power of the wickedness of the human heart, its explosive power for evil. In the Name of God, if you believe in Him, take Him seriously, and control and restrain scientific discoveries; if not, we are lost.

–Dr. Albert Einstein

The dangers of religion and physics

john-lennoxRichard Dawkins expresses the opinion that all religion needs to be eliminated, even moderate religion, because moderate religion leads to fanatical religion. Well if he believes that, then he should stop teaching even mild atheist because that could lead to fanatical atheism. In fact, I might suggest he might want to stop teaching Darwinism because it was used by social Darwinists to lead to the eugenics program in the 20th century. He might not even want to teach physics because it leads to the atomic bomb. ¬†–John Lennox