When God Gets Replaced


Look back to the two great crimes of our century – nazism
and communism – and you will see what happens when
a substitute religion bursts upon the world, untempered
by belief in God’s judgment.

– Roger Scruton

When Faith Is Jettisoned


The loss of faith in God is followed
by the loss of universal moral principles
and finally by the loss of all that binds
man to man.

— Christopher Dawson

God Is Not A Nazi


It is said that while the Germans were desecrating a church somewhere in Poland some German sergeant, cockeyed with excitement, stood up in front of the altar and yelled out that if there was a God He would want to prove His existence at once by striking down such a bold and important and terrifying fellow as this sergeant. God did not strike him down. The sergeant went away still excited, and probably the unhappiest man in the world: God had not acted like a Nazi. God was not, in fact, a Nazi, and God’s justice (which everybody obscurely knows in his bones, no matter what he tries to say he thinks), is inexpressibly different from the petty bloodthirsty revenge of Nazis over one another.

– Thomas Merton