Equality is a Lie

friedrich-nietzsche-watercolor-portrait1-fabrizio-cassettaEquality is a lie concocted by inferior people who arrange themselves in herds to overpower those who are naturally superior to them. The morality of “equal rights” is herd morality, and because it opposes the cultivation of superior individuals, it leads to the corruption of the human species.
–Friedrich Nietzsche,
Atheistic philosopher

One thought on “Equality is a Lie

  1. There is an important idea in the above quote. The group mentality, the collective good can be pushed to an extreme whereby we have the tyranny of the “common good”. Like it or not, much of human progress has been the result of the efforts and talents of individuals. Perhaps the distinction between equal rights before the law and equality or sameness of individuals was not made clearly in the above quote. We are not all equal in talents, some individuals possess superior talents – that is the reality.

    Organized religions (and the men who run these) push this equality line at the expense of individuality because they do not want independent thinking individuals seeing through some of the nonsense in religion, and breaking away from the herd.

    (The above quote sounds like it is from his work, The Genealogy of Morals.)


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