Flawed On the Inside

walking-manjpgChristianity . . . does not say that in spite of appearances, we are all murders or burglars or crooks or sexual perverts at heart; it does not say that we are totally depraved, in the sense that we are incapable of feeling or responding to any good impulses whatever. The truth is much deeper and more subtle than that. It is precisely when you consider the best in man that you see there is in each of us a hard core of pride or self-centeredness which corrupts our best achievements and blights our best experiences. It comes out in all sorts of ways—in the jealousy which spoils our friendships, in the vanity we feel when we have done something pretty good, in the easy conversion of love into lust, in the meanness which makes us depreciate the efforts of other people, in the distortion of our own judgement by our own self-interest, in our fondness for flattery and our resentment of blame, in our self-assertive profession of fine ideals which we never begin to practise.

–Malcolm Muggeridge

2 thoughts on “Flawed On the Inside

  1. But not everyone feels these things. Not everyone is guilty of these character flaws. There are many who do not suffer from pride or arrogance and are humble. One thing not mentioned about Christianity in these posts is that of all the world’s religions it, Christianity, focuses on inculcating guilt the most.


  2. I beg to differ. Christianity is not about inculcating guilt; it is about delivering people from guilt. It is about forgiveness and liberation from the bondage of sin. The Gospel message addresses sin like a doctor who diagnoses an illness. He does that in order to identify the problem, prescribe a treatment, and help the patient come to wholeness and health. Sin is the ailment. Christ is the cure. When we face our guilt (instead of denying it or rationalizing it) and take it to Jesus we can get rid of it. The focus of the Gospel is not on guilt but on freedom from guilt.


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