Inconvenient Truth

college-studentCliff Knechtle writes of a conversation that he had with a university student who claimed that the Bible was packed with mythology, even though he admitted that he had never read it. Knechtle challenged him to read both the Book of Isaiah, which contains prophecies concerning Christ, and Matthew, which records the fulfillment of those predictions.

Knechtle thought that he’d never see him again, but the next day, he approached Knechtle and said, “I read Isaiah and Matthew. It was interesting literature. I think it speaks the truth.”

“That’s great!” said Knechtle. “Are you ready to trust Christ for eternal life?”

The student replied, “No way. I have a very active sex life. I know that Christ would want to change that. I don’t want anyone to change that.”

–Lee Strobel

2 thoughts on “Inconvenient Truth

  1. But he’s right – there is mythology in the Bible: giants, Leviathan, Behemoth – to name a few examples. There’s also the equivalent of a fisherman’s tale; mentions of warriors who slew three hundred foes with a single spear, mentions of a warrior whose hands froze to his blade as he took out hundreds more, stuff that defies the reality of fighting even with adrenaline coursing through one’s veins. There are people who are remembered as legends and referred to as such. There’s also poetry in the Bible, which shouldn’t be taken literally; and metaphors too – only they’re lost in translation as not every ancient Bible language preserved the idioms of their day as equivalents that we might use and they didn’t exactly speak plain English.


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