The Three Absolutes


[W]e have the true, the good, and the beautiful as the three absolutes. The three things every human being wants infinitely, and is not satisfied with only a little bit of. We’re satisfied with a little bit of food; we’re satisfied with a little bit of power; we’re satisfied with a little bit of sex; but not a little bit of truth. “I’ll be ignorant about fifty percent of truth and knowledgeable about fifty percent” — nobody says that. I’ve got a couple of things that are good for me, but I want some things that are not good for me — nobody says that. I like to enjoy beauty on Monday, but ugliness is okay on Tuesday — nobody says that. And therefore these are the three things that don’t get boring and therefore they are the three foretastes of heaven, because they are three attributes of Almighty God himself.


But without God, there really is no truth, because there’s no being. God, being, and truth are a kind of progression. Truth means truth about what is real, and if there’s no ultimate being, no ultimate reality, then reality is just what we call it. It falls apart, ultimately. Deep down, everything is empty. So if there’s no truth, there’s nothing for either reason or faith to grab onto, so you’re a sceptic. And that’s certainly one of the deep distresses of modern society — scepticism. Second, without truth there’s no goodness. Nothing’s truly good. Goodness too is kind of a fake, or purely subjective. So another aspect of the diagnosis of our society is amoralism. And without goodness, there’s really no beauty. Gothic cathedrals were not made by moral sceptics; they were made by saints.

–Peter Kreeft,

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