Without Faith

100117_0_forces-within-the-atomWithout faith, there’d be nothing but indifferent material forces at work. It’s only when the idea of events having an author is introduced that the universe becomes cruel, as opposed to merely heavy, or fast-moving, or prone to unpredictable acceleration.

― Francis Spufford

7 thoughts on “Without Faith

    • Last century atheistic anti-God regimes were set up in a number of countries. Paradise didn’t happen. The resulting slaughter of human lives exceeds anything that has ever happened in history. Ruthless oppression happened in every case. If you like the notion of getting rid of faith you might consider moving to North Korea.

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  1. Religion in North Korea consists mostly of Buddhism and Confucianism. So, I probably wouldn’t fit in too well. I only said that in my opinion, the world would be a better place without religion. Get off your high-horse and accept that you’re opinion is not the only way to think and isn’t necessarily correct. I’d like you name to name one act of war that started because of something other than “my way is better than yours”. We can thank God for this outlook. 🙂


    • To attribute evil to God, and to believe that God is the devil and the devil is God, is the greatest delusion of all. It is the ultimate deception of the powers of darkness, and great must be their laughter. That God may help you is my prayer.

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      • I attribute evil to religion and to that of the people that created it. I don’t believe the devil is God or vice versa. Because that would mean that I beleive in the existence of either. Great is my laughter. That you find truth is my hope.


      • If you’re looking for an argument, I’m sorry to disappoint you. To defend a position, score debating points, and throw verbal stones at each other does not interest me. It’s not particularly helpful, nor does it get to the real issues of what’s going on deep inside. If a discussion is not about respectfully and sincerely looking for answers, probably both of us have better things to do.

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