Science cannot define morality

Justice_symbolOn atheism, there is no objective standard of good or evil, because atheism declares that the natural world is all that exists, and the natural world is valueless: There is no such thing as a good or bad bird, or a good or bad tree, etc. Therefore, one cannot use the study of the natural world (science) to determine right and wrong. As Albert Einstein put it:

“You are right in speaking of the moral foundations of science, but you cannot turn around and speak of the scientific foundations of morality.”

–Scott Youngren

5 thoughts on “Science cannot define morality

  1. I’m an atheist, and I value the world (and a great many other things besides). I’ve not heard about atheism making claims that the world is valueless. We atheists simply do not believe in the existence of a god or gods.


    • If there is no Supreme Lawgiver, who calls the shots? How do you distinguish between right and wrong? Can anything be truly called “right” or “wrong” if there is no God to define the rules? On what basis can an atheist defend any type of morality? Without an Absolute Authority you are simply left with diverse personal opinions about how people should behave. In some places people love their neighbour; in other parts of the world they eat them. Who’s to say which is best? Moral laws can only exist if there is a Lawgiver. If there’s isn’t—it’s all up for grabs.

      If you want to read further on the topic, you might have a look at the section on “Morality” on this web site. Have a good day.


      • Can it be any god? Or is there/are there particular gods you are referring to? I have seen reference to hundreds of gods. It would be interesting to know which one (or ones) you are referring to. And if there are some gods that (like me) you do not believe in, how have you proved those gods do not exist?


      • I not talking about some tribal deity, some “buy one and get one free” type of god, not one more of the many options on the smorgasbord of local divinities. I am talking about the Creador of the universe, the Supreme Lord of heaven and earth, the Judge before whom every person will give an account, the most high God of gods, Lord of lords, Sovereign King of creation. That’s the God I’m talking about.


  2. You’re right. There are plenty of religious and non-religious options out there for you to try. One of them is the true God, and the others are counterfeits. It’s not a matter of having faith, it’s a matter of putting your faith in the Real God who is there. Check them out the options if you like, but if you get tired of empty ideas and falsehood, come back and I’ll tell you about a God who is unlike any other. A God who came and spoke as no one has spoken, who did what no one else did, and verified everything he said by rising from the dead. If He isn’t God, no one is.


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