When you stop believing in God

M. Muggeridge,Malcolm copyOne of the peculiar sins of the twentieth century which we’ve developed to a very high level is the sin of credulity. It has been said that when human beings stop believing in God they believe in nothing. The truth is much worse: they believe in anything.
-Malcolm Muggeridge

11 thoughts on “When you stop believing in God

      • because after 34 yrs as a christian and 25 yrs as a minister, i did the study to find out if the bible was historically and archaeologically accurate and reliably. the bible is not what it appears to be. its not history, its a collection of cultural and religious myth and fictional accounts. the jesus of the nt never existed.


      • “I did the study”? — I don’t know what you studied but I don’t know of any reputable historian that denies that Jesus existed. There is more evidence to support the historicity of Jesus than there is for Socrates, Alexander the Great, or Julius Caesar. HG Wells, an agnostic historian, stated that no one has influenced the history of the world more than Jesus. It would be amazing that such influence came from someone who never existed! Those who deny his existence are not bona fide scholars who are experts in the field. They are antitheists would are clutching at straws to support their rejection of God. Maybe you need to do some more solid, honest research. And maybe you ask yourself what makes you even want to grasp onto such an untenable myth. May the God you once believed in lighten your path.


      • And by the way, believe or not, Christianity is just another ‘religious system’ as you say. Just like all the others. Based on nothing more than authoritatively promoted and proclaimed myth and lies

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  1. In a way they can be right. Atheism simply means you dont believe in a god or gods similar to how Theism simply means you do believe in a god or gods. That being said you can literally have ANY belief attached to atheism as long as it doesnt interfere with your belief that a god or god doesnt exist; so in a way you can believe in anything. Most atheists only believe in what can be proven(though not all)

    I know many atheists who are antithesist and could easily say the same about theists (that theyd believe in anything), because they find the belief in a god so foolish. Personally I find someone who thinks either side is fact to be arrogant.

    Me, myself, I have a very firm set of beliefs and I know what I doubt and hope for. Im far from believing in anything.


    • If you deny the existence of a Creador you end up with fantastic ideas like the universe popping out of nowhere on its own. That would be the greatest magic trick of all. To believe it requires an astronomical degree of credulity.


      • I disagree. Which is exaclty why im an atheist. I believe there is always a cause before an effect. Fact is a god has no cause, which means it shouldnt exist (in my opinion, i respect and acknowledge other peoples rights to disagree.)


  2. “If you deny the existence of a Creator you end up with fantastic ideas…”
    like say.. a creator that always existed, disembodied mind, without material form, one is is everywhere and nowhere at the same time… one who always existed outside of time, that you cannot demonstrate actually exists… and this god you say MADE everything to “pop into existence out of nowhere”? like that kind of fantastic unprovable idea?
    the biblical god doesn’t win by default even if you somehow disprove all other alternatives. to ‘win’ the argument that your particular god exists and created everything, you bear the burden of proof for your assertions. even if all that science says to be correct in how the universe and everything came to be is wrong and totally disproven… you still bear the burden of proof for what you are asserting is correct.
    by the way, do you believe in a literal 6 day creation as the book of genesis specifically states? do you believe the earth is only 6000 or so years old? can you by anything other than faith in what the bible says is True ™ demonstrate, not argue for the ‘most likelihood’, but demonstrate the existence of the god of the bible?
    as for your backhanded insult that i must not have studied the right things in order to get to the conclusion i have that the bible is flawed and the Jesus it represents never existed (although i do not say that there wasn’t ‘some’ jesus like character in 1st century palestine, just that he NT jesus would be him), you have no idea. you assume too much about me and my experience in your emotional and defensive attempt to slap me back into my place. authority and control permeate what passes for apologetics these days. it seems you have been infected with this desire. i hope you get free as well some day.
    until then, i encourage you to read the bible and research the way the bible was put together. and research the sources for yourself.
    extra credit: name one 1st century, contemporary with ‘jesus’, non-biblical, non-christian (unbiased), secular author that wrote anything about the life, death or resurrection or jesus at the time. not hearsay later just reporting on what christians believed, but reported 1st hand as actual history. happy hunting, brother



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