Perfection in human form

Christ 38BThere has never been a more real or genuine man than Jesus of Nazareth. He embraces all the good elements that mark other men and it is not too much to say that there is no element missing which men think desirable in the human character. Not only so, he possesses all these elements in a higher degree than anyone else, and with perfect balance and proportion. There is no weakness, no exaggeration or strain, no strong or weak points as is the case with the rest of mankind. Still more there are certain elements and traits of character which are not found elsewhere such as absolute humility, entire unselfishness, whole hearted willingness to forgive, and the most . . . perfect holiness. Nor must we overlook the wonderful blending of contrasts which are to be seen in Jesus Christ: the combination of keenness and integrity; of caution and courage; of tenderness and severity; of sociability and aloofness. Or we may think of the elements of sorrow without moroseness; of joy without lightness; of spirituality without asceticism; of conscientiousness without morbidness; of freedom without license; of earnestness without fanaticism. He was, in every sense, a [perfect] man.

–Author unknown


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