5 thoughts on “The problem of suffering

  1. Suffering is powerful. Because of it, some turn away from God, and others find him. It was when I went through the hell of losing a son to suicide that I found God in a new way. As I groped through the unspeakable anguish I was confronted with something even more difficult to understand—the crucifixion of God. I didn’t get an explanation, I got a revelation of God’s heart, and I am forever captivated.


  2. The second half is right. When I was a Christian suffering was never a faith conflict; I knew it would strengthen my faith and I did not question the will of god. It is perhaps for this very reason that I have yet to meet a former believer who would name suffering as the specific reason they lost faith. Claiming it is the “number one reason” people do not believe in god is just a thing Christians say because they cannot wrap their minds around the actual reason.


  3. Those who question belief in God often ask: If God is good, why does He allow so much suffering in the world? (poverty, atrocities, war, disease, etc.) The Christian response basically says that God made this world good, and we messed it up by a bad use of our free will, and that God is in the process of redeeming it through Christ.


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