Ditching God and getting “free”

Jurgen Schulz'12 copyHow exhilarating to throw off the yoke of belief in God! No one to answer to, no one to impose rules on you, no one to cramp your style. You are free! Nobody is going to stand in your way. You can do what you want. What a great way to live!

Or is it?

If you attempted to play a piano with that idea of freedom, the resulting noise would be horrendous. It you approached flying an airplane with that mindset, be prepared to meet your Maker. If you drove a car in such a manner, your driving days will be short-lived.

Freedom on a piano involves subjection to the laws of music. Freedom in flying requires applying the principles of aerodynamics. Freedom in driving necessitates respect for the rules of the road. Freedom flourishes inside of boundaries. It self destructs without them.

To live life with the notion of absolute freedom is absolute folly. One quickly becomes a slave of his own self-centeredness, winds up in jail, or ends up dead.

We need something higher than ourselves to steer our life by. We need boundaries to be free. We need God.

Even the atheist who rejects God finds himself forced to hang on to some smattering of Christian morality,

If he didn’t—nobody would put up with him. Nor could he live with himself.

He would be absolutely free.

And absolutely obnoxious.

–Jurgen Schulz

4 thoughts on “Ditching God and getting “free”

  1. Perhaps there are atheists who do not believe in gods because they want to do whatever they like. But I’ve never met one. All of the atheists I know are, like me, atheists because we’ve never heard a compelling case for the existence of supernatural beings. But we’re quite accepting of the fact that we still have boundaries to our behaviors. We like people – we enjoy living peaceful lives and think others should live peaceful lives too. None of us need gods to know that. I don’t think that attitude is obnoxious in any way.


    • You mention not having heard a compelling case for the existence of supernatural beings. Have you ever truly examined Jesus? Can you find any explanation that truly makes sense aside from accepting his divinity? If you have never taken a close look at Him, I urge you to do so. I venture to say you might find the evidence “compelling.”

      You accept and respect boundaries. That’s great. That fact is, however, that you didn’t get your boundaries and morals from atheism. Atheism doesn’t have any. Dostoevsky got it right: “If there is no God, all is permitted.” Your “boundaries” such as honesty, fidelity, respecting human dignity, respecting your neighbour’s wife, and possessions, etc., essentially come from the Ten Commandments. You are illustrating my point. You are borrowing from Christian morality in order to live a peaceful life. The fact is most atheists like yourself don’t truly practice what they say they believe. They live decent lives because they borrow values from theists. Fortunately for all of us.


      • Actually, I prefer not to borrow values from theists. For example, values that treat women a second class citizens “Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of a woman” and values that condone slavery “Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart”. Secular values and morals are my preference.


  2. It’s good you brought up those Biblical verses. Women are second class citizens in the Bible? Far from it. Do do know what “headship” means according to Christ? It means laying down your life for the person under your care. And that’s precisely what He did. Is that slavery? Far from it. That is living under the most amazing love in the universe.

    Why have woman gained rights and freedoms in the Western World, which didn’t happen in many other places on the planet (such as under Islam)? You have Jesus to thank for that.

    As far as slavery goes, who were the ones who had slavery abolished in the Western World. Secularists? No so. Christians like Wilberforce in Britain, and Abraham Lincoln in the USA. And, who fought to end segregation? Christians, like Martin Luther King.

    Secular values are your preference? Let’s see… In the last century we had a few countries that became totally secularized (excluding God and religion). The world had a chance to observe what is looks like when God is outlawed and the secular State becomes omnipotent. Their track record is not impressive.

    Lives Lost Under Non-Religious Dictators

    Joseph Stalin – 42,672,000

    Mao Zedong – 37,828,000

    Adolf Hitler – 20,946,000

    Vladimir Lenin – 4,017,000

    Pol Pot – 2,397,000

    What those guys did was totally “legal.” It was all sanctioned by the Secular State. It’s scary what “secular values” can be embraced when there is no God to answer to. By any head count they wiped out more human lives in one century than any one else in history.

    I think I’ll stick with Jesus.


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