Grand Theft Worldview


•  Richard Dawkins calls God “evil,” but tells us evil doesn’t exist. (He’s half right: “Evil” is meaningless without God.)
•  Sam Harris wants to hold people accountable for their actions, but tells us we have no free will. (He’s half right: if the world is strictly natural and material, free will is impossible.)
•  Lawrence Krauss pursues as the causal explanation for what we see in nature, but tells us the cause of the universe was “nothing.” • He thinks his loose definition of “nothing” resolves that obvious tension.” (He’s stuck there: without God as creator, the explaining where the universe came from requires some creative thinking.)
•  Atheists claim to be the true representatives of reason, but have no good explanation for where reason came from, and (trust me, I was there at the “Reason Rally,” and I have a chapter about it in True Reason) resort to ridicule and emotion to make their “reasoned” case. (Are they stuck, too? Is that why they do that?)
•  They claim their reason is about reality, but as atheists Thomas Nagel and Alex Rosenberg have cogently argued, they can’t explain how a strictly material brain can be about anything at all. (That requires something else. God, for example.)

–Frank Turek
Stealing from God:
Why Atheists Need God To Make Their Case

6 thoughts on “Grand Theft Worldview

    • Why not?
      There’s no way one human being define can morality for another.
      We need someone higher up on the scale to do the job.
      When it comes to ethics, our track record is rather disastrous.
      If you’ve checked the news lately you might have noticed we need all the help we can get.


  1. My wife and I work in a third world country. Not long ago my wife visited an inmate guilty of multiple deaths, a hardened cynical man. He was convinced God was not interested in him. My wife talked with him of God’s forgiveness and the love of Christ. She prayed with him, and he committed his life to Christ. His life changed completely. The prisoners who know him can hardly believe he is the same guy. When my wife last saw him (in January) he was leading Bible studies, and had led 29 other criminals to faith in Christ.
    I can tell you plenty of stories like that.


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