Suppressing the most valuable stuff

Peter-KreeftBut if you run your life by the scientific method, nothing’s left. Not only do you throw out God, you throw out persons. Science doesn’t know what a person is. If you’re a doctor and you’re operating on a patient, you have to treat that patient as a machine in order to be an efficient doctor. If you think, “That patient has a soul,” or “That patient is my grandmother,” or “That patient is someone I’m in love with,” your hands are going to shake, and you’re going to botch the operation. So you have to deliberately suppress the most valuable stuff in you in order to be an effective surgeon or an effective scientist. That brain is a computer that is not working; let me figure out why. But to take that over into life as such is devastating. But, more or less, our society has done that. And therefore there’s no purpose: “Oh, everybody needs a purpose, but it’s just a fiction. It’s something you make up. It’s not real. It’s not true. It’s just a little game you play with yourself in order to motivate yourself. You’re the donkey and you invent a carrot and you put it on a stick in front of your own head to make you move.” That’s not going to really motivate you.

–Peter Kreeft
The Church and Secularism


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