If life ends at the grave

William Lane Craig copyMoreover, if atheism is true, there is no moral accountability for one’s actions. Even if there were objective moral values and duties under naturalism, they are irrelevant because there is no moral accountability. If life ends at the grave, it makes no difference whether one lives as a Stalin or as a saint. As the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky rightly said: “If there is no immortality, then all things are permitted.”

–William Lane Craig

4 thoughts on “If life ends at the grave

  1. Humanism is about trying to act decently without expecting rewards. Atheists behave decently because we feel that it is the right thing to do; not out of hopes for rewards/fear of punishment.


      • We define decency (I am referring to morality) ourselves. Overall humans have a tendency to go towards ‘moral’ behavior, (I.E. not killing or harming things unnecessarily) it is a by-product of our evolutionary process.


      • If you talk about morality, you are assuming a moral law that defines it. And if you are talking about a moral law, then you are assuming there is a lawgiver. And now we are back to God, and He is the one you think doesn’t exists.

        Your presuppositions betray your position.

        If there is no God, morality doesn’t exist. Injustice doesn’t exist. Right and wrong don’t exist. All you have is different opinions. Nothing more.

        We can’t live in a world like that—and your heart knows it.

        Just give up fighting reality. Surrender to God and come back to the real world.


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